Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms

No one likes to be paid 30 days after their work is done (or have to chase people down for late payments. We've learned the hard way, multiple times). Full payment is always required in exchange for work completed. The last time we bought groceries and told them we'd pay them 30 days later was...hmmm...never ūüėČ Lets be fair about payments. It's a mutual respect.

  • Design Files - If you had requested a digital file only, your file will be sent to you immediately after payment is made.¬†
  • Print Products - Print (and any design work, or other costs pertaining to the project) requires payment upon receipt of product (pick up or delivery). However, when a product is shipped directly to our customers, full payment must be made prior to us sending the press file to our printer.
  • Website Design - Website design requires a deposit as there are initial costs involved that we need to cover. Because websites can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month or more, further payments for work completed after a period of time has passed may be requested.
  • Website Hosting - Website hosting is an annual payment, required prior to beginning your term or term renewal.

For your convenience, we accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Certified cheque
  • e-Transfer
  • Credit card (most major credit cards accepted)


By hiring Blue Monster Creative, and / or giving your consent to print, and / or by using any artwork created by Blue Monster Creative, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Printing and Final Product
Blue Monster Creative owns copyright to all original work. License to use artwork / products is granted once Blue Monster Creative is paid in full. All work requests must be paid in full. All print and hardware orders must be paid in full upon receipt of deliverables. Drop-shipped orders must be paid for in advance.
Blue Monster Creative / Designer shall not be responsible for:
1) Errors once the file(s) has been approved to print by the client; Colour may not always be exact as monitors and printers vary in calibration.
2) Copyright and ownership of images or other information provided by the client.
3) The quality or timeliness of third-party / printer services. In the rare event of damages or degradation to the product, Designer will not be held liable and is not responsible for any care or maintenance of the final deliverable. Designer will take any possible action within their means to rectify, reimburse, refund, or have reprints made, but cannot guarantee the third party’s full compliance. Client shall be responsible to pay designer full invoiced cost, and understands Designer does not have complete control over items printed, produced, or delivered by a third party (printer).