Website Maintenance Packages

Let us know what items you’ll need regular maintenance on each month, and we’ll help you choose from our pre-packaged options below, or we can customize a plan that best suits your needs. We’ll also let you know when you’re reaching your monthly limit so you can decide if you’d like to increase your plan.

All maintenance items will be evaluated on a case by case basis, however, below is a list of some items that can be included in your Maintenance Package.

Website Maintenance Packages CAN include:

• Text revisions
• Image colour correction, cropping, resizing and replacement with images you supply
• Slider image addition or replacement (see above)
• Stock photo searches
• Logo replacement
• Font or accent colour changes
• Adding, changing or removing links on current text or images
• PDF updates
• Video replacements
• Annual copyright updates
• Updated map
• Updating software versions and plugins
• Updating eCommerce products (loading new products and information)
• Proofreading content
• Updates to your current SEO – includes index meta keywords and index description
• Website and web hosting consultations and support

Website Maintenance Packages DO NOT include:

• New website design and development
• Layout or design revisions / redesigns
• Image manipulation, slider image design
• Stock photo purchases
• Photography, such as portraits or product shoots
• Revisions to the main structure of your website
• Host transfers
• Logo or image creation
• New subdomains
• Installing additional plug-ins, features
• Advanced SEO
• Search Engine Submissions
• Weekly, Monthly, or Annual back-ups
• Anything else not listed as “included”


6 Month & 1 Year Plans

Purchase a 6 Month or 1 Year Plan to receive these amazing Website Maintenance Plan savings.

BMC Website Maintenance Packages


Purchase a 1 year Website Maintenance Plan and save up to $1260!


Monthly Payments

If you prefer to pay each month (rather than purchasing the “6 year” or “1 year” plan), the cost is slightly higher, but it’s still going to save you money! Websites are generally updated near the end of each month. Monthly payments must be made prior to the beginning of each month. Monthly Payments is a great option for budgets, while taking advantage of our cost-saving value.

Mini: $57/month
Small: $155/month
Medium: $350/month
Large: $500/month

Need a customized plan (e.g., every 3 months)? We’ll gladly tailor a Plan that suits your schedule. Contact us.



What if I go over my time each month?

Overage is billed at our regular hourly design rate. We will let you know when you’ve reached your monthly time limit and you can then decide upon the following options:

  • To increase your plan
  • To save any remaining revisions for the following month
  • To have the remainder of your maintenance performed at our regular design rate
  • To fast forward the following month’s maintenance time



Terms & Conditions:
Taxes are additional.
Tailored, Monthly, 6-Month and 1-Year payments are non-refundable. Unused time does not roll over to the following month or year.