Our Design Process

Every Client Is Different

If every client is different, every business is different. There are no cookie cutter solutions — only fresh, custom designs and products that reflect your needs and your company's needs.

Our Rate

Because every client is different, and every business is different, we use an hourly rate for our design services. Unlike some companies, our minimum charge is not an hour. It's just 15 minutes.

We're more than happy to offer free design estimates. Estimates are based on our experience spanning almost two decades and can vary depending on multiple factors during the design process.


Get Started

Lets talk! Book an appointment for a free consultation, or we can discuss your project over the phone or email.

Tell us about what you need. The more information that we're able to gather from you, the happier you'll be. We'll share our knowledge, strategize with you, and make things happen. Bear in mind, we often work with tight deadlines, however the more time you allow for creativity, the better the end result. Like a fine wine.

At this point, a deposit may be requested.


Create + Proof

Research, sketch, and create. We even work on your design when we're not on the clock - your designs are always on the forefront of our minds. We visualize ideas and concepts after hours, and we work as a team so you get the best designs possible. We put a lot of energy and thought into each project. Once we reach a milestone during the design phase, we'll send you a proof. We want to know that we're on the right track. Proofs may consist of rough concepts (digital or illustration), digital proofs, digital mock-ups, or physical mock-ups - depending on the project, client, and deadline.


Finished Product

It is your responsibility to read over all information and thoroughly check your proof. After written approval, we immediately send press files to print. Alternatively, digital files and websites, as well as drop ship orders, require full payment before files are sent or websites are launched. Check out our payment terms here.

For most standard print orders, we are able to send you a nifty "FYI Preview" link in your email. This link allows you to follow your print process.

Once your order is complete, we will notify you. We are often very flexible with pickup times - including evenings and weekends (but do make pick up arrangements with us so that we can be sure to be here). We'll even deliver if needed.

What Do We Design?

Pretty much anything. Try us. We love the challenge of custom work as well.
Check out our print page to see a few items that we've designed.