Some of the handiest resources on the web.

Browse Safely
Wondering if a website is dangerous to use? Check a website's status with Google's Transparency Report page.

Is My Website Working?
Maybe it's just you? Maybe it's not. Check with Website Planet to see the status of your website in real time.

Can Google see my Website?
Simply type "" (replace "" with your URL) in the website browser. If it comes up with no search results, Google cannot index your website.

IP Address
Click here to find out your IP Address.

Spammed Email?
Visit to see if your email address has been compromised and where the data breaches occurred.

Confirm SSL
Visit SSL Shopper's SSL Checker to check on your SSL Certificate. If you wonder what the purpose of an SSL Certificate is, they also have a handy write-up that explains this.

Google Maps
Using Google Maps requires a billing account. Google allows $200 worth of free monthly usage. This generally covers any small business without having to pay a fee. Learn more from Google: