Everything You Need for Your Modern Website

Every Business Needs a Website

Websites are online storefronts and a go-to for millions of customers around the world. Become a convenient resource for local customers and explore your global market. Show consumers that you are up-to-date with a website that looks great on desktops and mobile devices.

We are pleased to offer:

Website Hosting

Hosting Plans

We offer 2 fantastic plans. Like all hosting, plans are paid annually, and due prior to your renewal date.

Website Hosting Plan ($10/month)
Design & Host Plan ($8.33/month) When we design &/or maintain your site each year, you’re eligible to save $20 annually with this discounted plan.



Per Month
  • dedicated bandwidth, CPU, disk space and RAM
  • 99.9% NO downtime
  • Auto SSL
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly server backups
  • Support
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Website Backups

Your entire website, and the time you spend updating your content, is an investment. It’s worth ensuring that if something happens, you have recent files that can be used to restore all of your hard work. Backups are something that you don’t want to be without. We can perform manual backups – just give us a shout (especially recommended if you’re about to perform WordPress updates), and automated backups. We retain your files on our server until a new backup overwrites it.

Manual Backups:* $15 each. Performed upon request.
Automatic Backups:* $50/year. Tie in with your Hosting and Website Maintenance Plan for one easy payment.

Website Maintenance

As your website grows with you, technology changes as well. Plugins, themes, and WordPress will offer updates in your admin area. These updates are highly recommended to enhance security, fix any software bugs, and even add additional functionality and features from time to time. Bots can find back doors to any size of website. Update often to help give your site optimal protection from brute force attacks.

Let us know what items you’ll need regular maintenance on each month, and we’ll help you choose from our pre-packaged options below, or we can customize a plan that best suits your needs. We’ll also let you know when you’ve reached your monthly limit so you can decide if you’d like to increase your plan.

All maintenance items will be evaluated on a case by case basis, however, below is a list of some items that can be included in your Maintenance Package.

Website Maintenance Packages INCLUDE:

• Text revisions
• Image replacement
• Slide replacement
• Main/Header Logo replacement
• Site or Favicon Logo replacement
• Font changes
• Colour changes
• Meta Data
• Hyperlinks, Mailto's or Calls
• PDF updates
• Video replacements
• Plugin search and installation
• Plugin configuration
• Copyright
• APIs
• Update license
• Update software versions (themes, plugins, platform)
• Security Scan overview
• Website and web hosting consultations and support
• Online business search engine assistance (Google, Bing, Apple)
• Emailed report after maintenance updates (plugin/theme/core) have been completed

Website Maintenance Packages DO NOT INCLUDE:

• New and re-skinned website design and development
• Layout or design revisions / redesigns
• Image manipulation and edits
• Stock photo searches or purchases
• Photography
• Host transfers
• Logo or image creation
• Graphic Design
• e-Commerce
• Anything else not listed as “included”


Purchase a 1 year Website Maintenance Plan and SAVE up to $662 in annual maintenance costs.
All plans include "Design & Host Plan" eligibilty — saving you an additional $20/year in Website Hosting!



Per Month
  • Up to 1 hour of maintenance after purchase,
    and then halfway through your term
  • 2 manual site backups*
  • annual renewal
  • security overview**
  • tie in with hosting renewal date for one easy payment per year

    SAVE $50+/yr!

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Per Month
  • Up to 1 hour of maintenance per each 4 month block
    (3 maintenance sets per term)
  • 3 manual site backups*
  • annual renewal
  • security overview**
  • tie in with hosting renewal date for one easy payment per year

    SAVE $140+/yr!

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Per Month
  • Up to 1 hour of maintenance every other month (begins in renewal month)
  • 6 manual site backups*
  • annual renewal
  • security overview**
  • tie in with hosting renewal date for one easy payment per year

    SAVE $270/yr!

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High Maintenance


Per Month
  • Up to 2 hours of maintenance each month
  • automatic monthly site backups*
  • annual renewal
  • security overview**
  • copyright update at beginning of year
  • tie in with hosting renewal date for one easy payment per year
  • bonus 2 hours of graphic design

    SAVE $660+/yr!

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What if I go over my time each month?

Overage is billed at our regular, hourly website design rate. We will let you know when you’ve reached your monthly time limit and you can then decide upon the following options:

  • To increase your plan
  • To save any remaining revisions for the following month
  • To have the remainder of your maintenance performed at our regular website design rate
  • To fast forward the following month’s maintenance time

Terms & Conditions

  • Taxes are additional
  • Website Maintenance Plans, Backups, and Hosting are non-refundable. Unused time does not roll over to the following month or year
  • There are no guarantees or warranties that plugin, theme, server, or WordPress issues or conflicts will not arise during Maintenance. Blue Monster Creative will do its best to repair conflicts and solve issues as efficiently as possible. Most times, issues can be fixed within the Maintenance Plan time; however, if further time (or cost) is needed, you will be notified.
* 2 backups per website are stored on our server. Oldest backup is overwritten with each new backup.
** Maintenance Plans do not include website monitoring. Security overview is included when time is available within the hour.