Graphic Design

Our design services

Your business is a source of income. An important goal for businesses is to not only attract new customers, but also return customers. Starting your business with a strong foundation, or even refreshing an old foundation, is one of the most valuable investments any business owner can make.

At Blue Monster Creative, we are a team of two Graphic Designers who care about your business growth. We have Graphic Design & Advertising education, decades of experience, and skills to provide you with professional solutions in digital, print, and web design. We thoroughly enjoy traditional artistic mediums, which gives us an edge, an eye for design and expands our offerings to illustration and some photography. Additionally, we have an official in-house Adobe Community Expert.

It's time to capture the attention of your target market, and strengthen your brand. Contact us to get started.

Leave templates behind

If every client is different, every business is different. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. We offer custom designs and products that specifically suit your business in order to create consistency and build brand loyalty.


Our Rate

Every project requires unique content, original layouts, various images, copy, finishes, etc. When it comes to designing custom projects, we often work with an hourly rate, while branding (logo) and website design have their own pricing packages and estimates.

We are experts in our field - highly proficient with our software. We invest in only the best industry standard equipment in order to provide you with quick turnaround and the highest of quality. Many people don't realize that even though designers may be quick at what they do, the cost is in the skills and value that the results provide.

We're more than happy to offer free design estimates. Estimates are based on our experience spanning over two decades and can vary depending on multiple factors during the design process. An estimate is not a final cost, but it will allow you to roughly budget.

What Do We Design?

Pretty much anything. We also enjoy the challenge of custom work.
Check out our Instagram feed (below) or our print page for product ideas.

Our Process


Project Details

Lets talk! Book an appointment for a free consultation (due to the pandemic, we are currently not offering in-house meetings; however, outdoor meetings are certainly possible!), or we can discuss your project over the phone or email.

The more information that you provide, the happier you'll be throughout the process, and with the end result. We'll share our knowledge, strategize with you, and make things happen.

Even though we often work with tight deadlines, and small city budgets, the more time (and budget) that you allow, the more creative and strategic we can be...and that's a win for your business.

Once you're ready for us to move ahead with the project, a deposit may be requested.


Create + Proof

Research, sketch, and design. We put a lot of energy and thought into each project, often visualizing layouts and concepts when we're not even on the clock. We also work as a team so that you get the most thorough designs possible.

Once we reach a milestone during the design phase, we'll send you a proof. Proofs may consist of rough concepts (digital or illustration), digital proofs, digital mock-ups, or physical mock-ups - depending on the project, client, and deadline.


Finished Product

Please read over all information, spelling and thoroughly check your proof. After written approval, we immediately send press files to print. Alternatively, digital files and websites, as well as drop-ship orders, require full payment before files are sent or websites are launched. Check out our payment terms here.

Once your order is ready for pick-up, we will notify you. We prefer pick-ups during office hours, but we can be flexible. Please schedule pick-up arrangements with us ahead of time. We'll even deliver if needed.