Websites are online storefronts and a go-to for millions of customers around the world. Become a convenient resource for your local customers and have the option of expanding your market globally. Show consumers that you are up-to-date with a website that looks great on desktops and mobile devices.

We’d love to design and develop (and host) a valuable corner of the internet for you, and are pleased to offer:
WordPress, Magento, Custom-build
RWD (Responsive Website Design = mobile friendly)
CMS (Content Management System = your own back-end admin)
e-Commerce (sell your products online)
HTML, CSS (code languages)
Website Hosting (See below)
Website Backups (See below)
Website Maintenance Packages

Website Portfolio

Designed and developed in-house. No expensive out-sourcing necessary.



We offer 2 crèmè de la crèmè plans. Both plans include everything awesome that you’d typically pay an arm and a leg for with other company hosting plans. If you find a lower price, let us know! We will happily beat our competitor’s hosting price. Both plans are paid annually, and are due prior to your renewal date.

Website Hosting Plan ($100/year = $8.33/month)
Design & Host Plan ($80/year = $6.67/month) When we design & maintain your site each year, you’re always eligible for this discounted plan

Both plans include:
– UNLIMITED bandwidth
– 99.9% NO downtime
– Daily server backups with files retained for 7 days

(For hourly, weekly, monthly, or annual back-ups stored for a longer time period, please see the next section called “Backups.”)


Your entire website, and the time you spend updating your content, is an investment. It’s completely worth making sure that if something happens (via hack, glitches in updates, etc), that you have recent files that can be used to restore all of your hard work if the need arises. Backups are something that you don’t want to be without. We can perform manual backups – just give us a shout (especially recommended if you’re about to perform WordPress updates), and we can also set up automated backups from every 4 hours to every month, and retain a select number of files on our server.

Manual Backups: $10 each. Performed upon request.
Automated Backups: $50/year. Tie in with your Hosting Plan for one easy payment.

Website Maintenance

Your website should grow with you. To keep your business up to date, chances are, you’ll need to revise text, images, products, etc. Furthermore, plugins, themes, and WordPress will offer updates in your admin area. These updates are strongly recommended to enhance security, fix any software bugs, and even add additional functionality and features from time to time. Click here to learn more about our Website Maintenance Packages, and how we can customize a plan specifically for your regular website needs.