The Bigger, The Better

I'm not referring to logo size. I'm referring to budget. If you've only set aside $100 for a logo, you may want to consider investing more.

Aside from your products and services, your logo and branding one of the most important aspects and investments of your business. Do you want a recognizable, clever, clean image, or something that's been pulled from a clip art or crowd source site? (Think: do you want a logo that's the same as someone else's? Or, do you want a logo that seems budget friendly, but doesn't fit other applications. It may seem cheap at first, and you may feel like you got a great deal. In the end, you'll likely have to pay a skilled designer to fix the file and create further variations. With logo design, it's always worth it to do it right, the first time.)

Fact: Logos take time. They should. If you want a logo done correctly, it will require research, sketching, usually multiple concepts, and digitizing, proofing, any revisions, planning and creation of variations with all applications in mind, and final vector clean-up with print and web files provided to our client with selected variations. Although it can happen from time to time, most logos really can't be created in an hour.

We use all provided information about your business and your vision, to incorporate and create something clever, strategic, legible at various sizes, and memorable - with all applications in mind - from pens, to websites, to billboards. Your logo will have the ability to be applied on anything. We are able to provide options of variations - horizontal and vertical, black and white, 1 colour, 2 colour, 3 colour, full colour, etc.

When all is approved, our clients receive their logo in a vector PDF format with any variations needed, and any other file formats and sizes requested. We provide our clients with the most universal and high resolution vector file format (it can scale up to any size without losing quality), as well as popular web formats. If other file formats are needed, we're happy to supply those as well. 

Generally, clients have a budget. The truth is, a small budget is restricting and you may not get what you *COULD* get. It's your logo, your company, and you're going to see your logo on everything, so you'd better love it.