Your Quest Begins…

Event or Venue:

It’s your lucky day when you spot Izzards Game at an event or venue! Visit us for your starter card – also known as your story card. This card will explain your Izzard quest (similar with other Mischief quests) in detail. Gather the Izzards along your journey to awaken the Gem of Lacerta from the spell cast by the evil Warlocks. At the end of your journey, you will be rewarded with the bonus card.

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response with our scavenger-hunt style game at our premier show – The Sarnia Pop Culture Show, in Sarnia ON. We’d love to host a game at your venue! Please contact us to feature Izzards at your venue.

Home Version:


2 or more players. Age 4+

Set Up:
Each player will need a complete set of 9 cards.

Stack all bonus puzzle cards in the middle of the table. Shuffle all character cards together. Deal them out to each player, placing them character side down.

Once dealt, place the story card logo side up to hide the puzzle backs. Making sure to keep what cards you have a secret, look to see what ones you have.

Game Play:
Everyone chooses a card to discard, and places it face down on the table with their hand on top. Simultaneously, each player slides their card to the player on their left.

The Goal:
To win the round, be the first player to get all nine different cards, and quickly grab a bonus card from the stack.

Additional Play:
Reshuffle the character cards and begin the next round. The person with the most bonus cards wins the game.

For advanced gameplay, use two or more card sets per player.

Another game variation is to have the player flip over the cards and complete the puzzle before grabbing the final bonus puzzle piece.

…Now go and get yourself into mischief!

While we work on making the cards available to purchase on our website, please contact us to find out how to get your Izzard Card Game to play with family or friends. Individual decks also make great birthday goody bag treats!