So Comfy Designs Logo

Work includes:

Logo and Branding – Business Cards – Illustrated Mascot – Illustration & Photography combination for clothing instructions – Clothing Tags – Point of Sale Packaging – Postcards – Signage – Snowflake Icon – Stickers

So Comfy Designs - Business Cards

Business Cards

Design and Print

4/4, 16pt, Spot UV Gloss and Silk Laminate, Rounded Corners

So Comfy Designs - Logo Variation for Clothing Tags

Logo Variation


Logo variation design for clothing applications

So Comfy Designs - Illustrations

Illustration & Photography

Illustration and Photography Combination

Randa was photographed at different angles and positions. We then illustrated Randa, and a portion of the head wraps (green portion is illustrated), while keeping the remaining portion of the wrap as the photographed image for a unique effect.

So Comfy Designs - Banner


Design and Print

4/0, vinyl banner, hemmed, grommets

So Comfy Designs - Packaging

Custom Packaging


Hanging Package Design for Mini Scarves
4/0, designed for half fold/score, glue, and euroslot punch

So Comfy Designs - Mini Brochure

Custom Graphics


Custom pin and patterning paper illustrations created for use in a mini brochure

So Comfy Designs - Stickers



4/0, 2″ round sticker

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