Have you gotten into Mischief?

Mischief is a new take on collectable card games — a “scavenger hunt” style game where kids of all ages strive to complete their set and help our characters on their way. Visit us at special events, malls, fairs, and other venues near you.

Why host a Mischief game at your venue?

Venues interested in hosting a game will benefit for a number of reasons.

  • We’re the “bouncy castle” of venues. Rest assured that kids will be amused. Most kids love scavenger hunts, collecting, and fun characters with a great story. Whether you’re shopping, or just browsing, our Scavenger Hunt Card Game will keep your children busy and entertained. There is no age limit, so teenagers and adults can enjoy playing as well.
  • Who doesn’t want more traffic at your table, booth, or retail store? Our Scavenger Hunt Card Game is a simple, effective way to bring potential clients right to you. This will give you a fantastic chance to show off the products you have to offer — up close and personal.
  • It works. With great success and an overwhelmingly positive response at the Sarnia Pop Culture Show, we’re eager to drive additional business and interest to your venue. All we require is a small table, a map of vendors (if possible) and vendors to play the game (Our Izzards Game requires 9 vendors). Vendors pay a small fee to become a card quest stop. Vendors each receive a table standee to use during the game, and a stack of cards featuring a specific character. Game players will search for your location. When a player shows the vendors their starter card, the vendor then gives the player a character card. Once the player collects all of the cards, they return to our table to be rewarded with their bonus card. At the end of the day, we will collect the table standees and any remaining cards.

Please contact us to visit your venue.

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We’re proud to introduce our premier card set – Izzards. We had a blast at the Sarnia Pop Culture Show! We’d love to entertain at your venue, too!